Big Game Inspired: Top Football Dog Names

Big Score on these names!

January 31, 2020

A Nerf ball doesn't have a chance w/ Rudy.


Since my Rudy had the fighting spirit to beat down Parvo at Austin Pets Alive! as Night (his brother Day didn't make it) Finding his furever home with honey Ted & me. Yes, Rudy popped in my head remembering the football movie based on a true story about a young man, named RUDY who fought hard to achieve his dream to play football for Notre Dame. Rudy fit our furbaby perfect. Rudy Roo is almost 1-years old (2/4) sharing his Pure Puppy Power each day w/ us.

There are many others that get inspired by football whether it's a player, a football term, something that happened during a game ... or even Big Game inspired which includes snacks. Many furbabies names are showing Love for Football in many different ways. Thanks to here are some of the most popular names right now. It's a given after the Big Game this year with Kansas City & San Francisco, more names will show up next year! Top Football Dog Names:

Kansas City

  • Clark up 600%
  • Andy up 250%

San Francisco

  • Montana up 200%
  • Levi (stadium) up 68%

Classic Football Names

  • Football up 200%
  • Fumble up 100%
  • Touchdown down 33%

Big Game 2020 Halftime names Jennifer Lopez & Shakira

  • Shakira up 45%   
  • Shakira has 195%  more dogs named after her than J-Lo

Game Day Snacks Dog Names

  • Mr. Chips up 500%
  • Dip up 50%
  • Preztel up 38%
  • Guacamole up 25%

Kansas City & San Francisco Top Snack Dog Names

  • Both cities: Taco is the #1 snack name for a doggie
  • Kansas City : Nacho is the #2 snack name for a doggie
  • San Francisco: Chili is the #2 snack name for a doggie

Alcohol Dog Names

  • Beer up 1000%
  • Bourbon down 67%
  • Coors up 68%
  • Gin up 86%
  • Whiskey up 40%

#1 Hall of Fame-inspired Dog Name

  • Joe Montana has the most dogs named after him

Bonus: Top 2019 Dog Names
Binge - Worthy TV Show inspired Dog Names

  • Maisel - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel up 1000%
  • Arya Stark / GOTs Westeros - savior up 150%

Star-Studded Musician inspired Dog Names

  • Lizzo up 100%
  • Beyonce up 78%
  • Taylor Swift up 400% Dog Name Generator's (alternate) names for Rudy came up as : Leo / Max / Peanut Butter . He's a big PB lover, so that isn't to far fetched for a nickname... 
Rudy PB Roo! Click Rudy's photo to find out the names for your furbaby!