Big Trending Treat of 2017: Edible Cookie Dough

#EdibleCookieDough #1Thing

February 16, 2017

I've been seeing 'Edible Cookie Dough' references popping up all over social media. How to make it? Where to get it? Why you can eat it.  I ran across Edoughble that takes the Edible Cookie Dough to another level by using organic flour, and no preservatives in their ingredients. They even have Vegan & Gluten Free options. Plus %5 of their proceeds this year goes towards the Food Recovery Network . The FRN takes the United States away from food waste to food recovery. Eating Edible Cookie Dough also helps w/ conserving energy when it comes to having the oven on to bake the cookies. It's a Yummy 1Thing Treat WIN!! 

Here's a way to make a version of 'Edible Cookie Dough', and try out a few different flavors. Using organic ingredients will have you enjoying a #1ThingTreat. Another bonus is conserving some energy by not baking (says the girlie who bakes something almost every weekend.). This would be perfect to make during the Hot Texas Summers.. or even this weekend w/ mid 80s happening the first part of the weekend. I'm going to have to try it...

Important Edible Cookie Dough making tip! If your flour isn't heated, be sure to do so before you use it. Bake about 5 minutes, or heat until it's around 160 degrees. This is what I have run across w/ several recipes that are posted. Okay there's an itsy bitsy amount of baking if you can't find pre-heated organic flour. It's still way less baking time then regular cookies. I;m ready for some now, how about you?