A Book Inspired by ATX Traffic is Out

#TraffickWocky #ATXTrafficSucks

February 24, 2017

Tex MoPac has released a book of poetry / short stories all inspired by ATX's fellow commuters. It's called 'Traffick Wocky', and available here.  Many say Tex looks like Scott Jarrett, an English teacher at St. Andrews Episcopal School. Who knew getting stuck in Sucky ATX traffic could be a good thing. A BIG YOU ROCK to Tex MoPac for finding the humor in the tedious ATX trafficand sharing it to help curb the Road Rage. (CBS Austin)

I know I'm certainly not smiling about traffic when I'm on the ATX roads. If I were to write a book inspired by ATX traffic, it would have to have a warning label on it ...STRONG STRONG STRONG LANGUAGE!