'Book Lovers' United!


August 9, 2017

Today is #BookLoversDay (8/9), which is cool. I enjoy books, although they are more my guilty pleasure w/ the type of books I read. A co-bud of mine Rhonda is also a Book Lover, so we swap books often. We'll get $1 books from Half Price Books, and share. It's nice to have a Booker Lover Friend at work. E-Books are cool, but it's not the same experience as you can have actually holding a book, turning the pages and getting stuff on it while you are reading. Stay up past your bedtime, cause you can't put it down. I'm an actual BookFan. 

BTW: You can take your old books to Half Price Books. You might get a little extra spending $ for more books to read. They will also recycle them if they can't use them. I'm a big fan of the Half Price Books S.Lamar location.