Take the Furbaby Fear Out of Fireworks

Thanks to Brodie Animal Hospital in S ATX!

July 3, 2019

Emmy Wee Rescue ATX Summer 2019


Update 7/3  10:31 am:  Facebook / Instagram are having issues and photos haven't been showing. If you run across that w/ the FB post below, you can find info here too!https://www.brodieanimalhospital.com/blog/pop-bang-boom-understanding-and-managing-noise-anxiety-in-pets/  May your whole family Have a Happy & Safe 4th July! ________________________________

It's coming soon ... The 4th of July. Getting ready for yummy cookout food, enjoying the company of family & friends and can't forget the Fireworks! Lots of furbabies aren't fans of the 4th of July because of all the Big Booming Fireworks.  My friends at Brodie Animal Hospital put out some cool info that can be a Big Help to calm down scared furbabies. Avoid having them suffer from major anxiety to many running away. Most animal shelters are at their fullest during the 4th of July holiday because of this. Here are some suggestions to take the Furbaby Fear out of Fireworks.  

What have you found that works when it comes to calming down your furbabies?