The Philosophy of Brynn Elliott in the Mix Lounge

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August 7, 2018

One of my favorite things about my job is being able to meet artists. It's especially nice when you meet someone and get to hear a bit of what they are about while their Star is Rising. Today I had the pleasure of enjoying some ear candy and meeting Brynn Elliott. Brynn's music is just as important to her as her education, which is why in college (Harvard) she studied Philosophy which also helps her with her song writing.  With all this going on, it was hard to find time for her college boyfriend, who mentioned it often. She decided the best choice was to drop the boyfriend. Brynn is pursuing her goals and dreams when it comes to her music Signing w/ Atlantic Records, and touring around the country sharing her Philosophy and sound. 

Brynn Elliott Mix Lounge w/ Sean FB Live (static in the beginning) 

Look out for Brynn Elliott's new EP coming out Friday, September 7th! It will include her newly released single  'Time of Our Lives' which was inspired by her college friends, and a phone call she had w/ her mother. Brynn was worried about her last year in Harvard with studying and creating music. Could she do it? Her mom told her to not worry about everything. Concentrate on having fun her last year of college. Take it day by day.. Enjoy the Time w/ your friends and the Experiences you will have. Brynn has found that works for just about everything in life. A Philosophy we should all think about as we live day  by day ... 

Here's another single that will be on Brynn's EP.  I'm a fan of  'Might Not Like Me' has a #GirlPower flavor to it ... 

It was a pleasure meeting Brynn Elliott and being at her performance in the MIx Lounge! Brynn is a young woman who's got her head in the right place. Taking her Harvard Grad Philosophy and applying it to her PASSION ... MUSIC! Keep your eyes & ears open for BRYNN ELLIOTT as her STAR continues to RISE ... 

Brynn Elliott  Mix Facebook photo album