You can do lots of Stuff with Candy Corn

Happy Candy Corn Day!

October 30, 2018

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Candy Corn is big Halloween Fav for many. A Fav of many any time of the year. I see Candy Corn in just about every store candy aisle pretty much all year around. But it's extra popular in the Fall / Halloween Time.  No surprise it has it's own day! #HappyCandyCornDay! If you're into learning a bit of history about Candy Corn, click here. If you just want to see what stuff you can do w/ Candy Corn, here's a list I ran across of 36 Thingies you can try.  Here are some of my favs from this list...


Heather's Favs from 36 Things (ies) to Do w / Candy Corn

Have a Happy & Yummy Candy Corn Day and Halloween! Your Candy Corns are safe from me because I'm a Big (Brachs) Pumpkin Fan!  I have to walk away from the bag, jar.. whatever they are in, or I could eat all of them. Enjoy what makes you Happy, but in moderation. Over doing it usually has your favs coming back at you later in the day/ night. It's usually not pretty the 2nd time around!