Take a Car Camping Vacation to Enjoy the Outdoors on the Cheap

Car Camping 101

June 10, 2019

Dovapi / GettyImages


June is the Great Outdoors Month. Car Camping is a great way spend time outside w/ your family / friends and travel for cheap. Here’s a Car Camping 101 for you to be able to ease into it. See if it’s something you’d enjoy committing too Summer Fun 1THING!

Car Camping 101

  1. Research where you're going. There are many different camp grounds from privately owned to public with all different amenities. Some could include a pool and mini golf course, while others are basic campgrounds & trails.The more amenities, the more expensive the campground fees. Research is extremely helpful before you load up the car and go camping!
  2. Borrow or buy basic gear.  First time camper, than borrow or rent gear before you make an investment in it. Basic camping gear requires an upfront investment that pays off. If you take care of it, it will last for many years for many uses. Basic Camping Gear : tent, sleeping bag/ sleeping mat, pillow, food and some way to light and maintain a campfire. Purchasing firewood is a good idea too. Car Camping gives you room for extras. Pack a stove & fuel for hot food, a lantern, dishes and a basin for washing, table cloth, lawn chairs & a cooler. Personal Items Sunblock/ protection gear, bug spray, clothing, warm clothes, practical shoes, books, games, musical instrument, toys… deodorant and toothpaste & toothbrush winners too. Keep in mind to have as many items possible that are reusable and / or recyclable.
  3. Plan meals in advance. Know what you’re eating. Prep / make what you can a head of time. Less time cooking while camping, with more time on reheating. More fun time for camping activities. Bringing more food than you think is needed is a bonus too!
  4. Relax Enjoy the experience. Being outside, roasting marshmallows. Got energy to burn off before you relax. Go hiking, check out a pond, beaches, playgrounds.
  5. Clean up afterward. Clean up the site. When you get home air out sleeping bags / mattresses. Wash your tent. Get the gear together to give back if you borrowed it. If you own it, it will last so much longer when taken care.  More here