Catch an Austinite on Food Network's Outrageous Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving time is on!

September 28, 2020
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Look out for ATX's chainsaw sculptor Griffon Ramsey as she carves a spot towards the Big Win of the Outrageous Pumpkins on the Food Network. She's in it to win big brags, and $25,000. From the looks of episode 1, she's rockin' it right at the start. 

Griffon Ramsey started sculpting / carving as a child with wood, which lead into ice and pumpkins. She's no stranger to using a chainsaw to create her masterpieces. Her love of Halloween and pumpking carving began with her dad, who carved three-dimensional pumpkins. She guesses that she has always secretly been competing with him. Before the Food Network show, she had only gotten one paid pumpkin carving gig to promote the show 'Stranger Things'. She believes they reached out to her after they had seen this ... HECK YES!

“ I wasn’t really expecting an opportunity to come from the pumpkin world, and I had to kind of scramble to prepare myself for it. It happened really quickly,” she said. “I had like a week’s notice before I was on a plane going to compete.” The show was shot on a farm in New York last November. The host is Alyson Hannigan with the judges puppeteer and artist Terri Hardin and master pumpkin carver Ray Villanfane. "...I know we’re competing and everything, but carvers are really fun people and we like to get together and we bond a lot on these competitions ... Was it stressful? Yes. Intense? Yes. But everyone had fun together, and that will come across in the show.” - Griffon Ramsey (Austin 360)

Catch Griffon Ramsey carving it up on Outrageous Pumpkin Challenge on the Food Network Sunday nights at 8pm (CST)
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