Celebrate Kitten season in ATX

AHS Virtual Kitten Shower

May 8, 2020
 okan akdeniz / Getty Images

It's Kitten Season at Austin Humane Society. Tiny meowing sounds fill the hallways. The first few weeks of a kitten's life is critical, which means a lot of tender loving care is needed. It's a time where close to 2,000 kittens pull at the heart strings, and also need a lot of help. The Austin Humane Society normally has a Kitten Shower that helps raise the funds needed to care for all the cuties.

This year the Kitten Shower needs to happen a different way due to COVID-19. A difference can still be made to help save the lives of these baby kittens thanks to Kitten Season sponsors. This year is the first time you can sponsor a kitten nursery kennel, name a litter of kittens and sponsor a sweet momma cat. Click here for ways to sponsor a Kitten Season

kitten-season-collage 775 x517 Kitten with baby AHS
Austin Humane Society Kitten Season May 2020

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