Celebrating 25 Years This Spring

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March 17, 2017

Update Thursday 3/16/17: I found a photo I took w/ Hanson in the Mix Lounge 2013. #TBT  Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow www.westofthefest.com. Come play Hookey from work w/ me!  

#WOTF2017 group Hanson will celebrate 25 years together. They will be kicking off a 25th Anniversary Tour in May with a Greatest Hits album. It was in 1992, the Hanson Brothers Isaac (11), Taylor (9) and Zac (6) started performing, and 20 years ago when they released their debut album 'Middle of Nowhere' featuring the single that will always get stuck in your head for days when you hear 'MMMBop'.

Besides making Awesome music together, they have been populating the earth w/ enough kiddos to form a few bands themselves. Isaac is 36 with 3 kids, Taylor is 33 with 5 kids and Zac is 31 with 4 kids. Musicians and entrepreneurs  with their own record label 3CG Records , beer company MMMHops and The Hop Jam music festival.  Mix 94.7 was able to get these incredibly talented daddies to have some pre-Anniversary fun during WOTF2017 Click here for the schedule and more.  

How did I not know there is a line dance for MMMBop?  Did you?  (A.V. Club)

Hanson's 25th Anniversary tour will stop at Emos ATX (East) Wednesday, September 17th.