Cheers to Corona's Edible 6-Pack Rings

Feed Rather than Kill The Fish & Friends

November 14, 2019

JasonOndreicka / GettyImages


Cool 1Thingie News! Corona is running tests in Mexico to make their 6-packs eco-responsible. Rather than killing fish & their friends, feed them. Corona is the first large beer company that is planning on going plastic ring-less to Edible Rings. A concept first created by Saltwater Brewery, a microbrewery in Florida who started a trend that could save millions of sea creatures lives if only bigger breweries and soda companies jumped on the Edible Rings bandwagon. It started w/ surfers, fishermen and  sea enthuisiats . Edible Ring-holders were created for their beer cans made of  barley and wheat remnants from the brewing process. Reusing waste and turning it into a beautiful solution. Corona has jumped on board. Testing is being done now. If all goes well, no more plastic rings... Edible Rings! Let's hope it goes GREAT!

CHEERS TO CORONA & SALTWATER BREWERY! Let's see lots more companies big & small follow! FOLLOW PLEASE! “If discarded properly it will make its way to a compost facility … if incorrectly thrown into the wilderness, it will biodegrade.” said the CFO of Eco Six Pack Rings. The fish, turtles, sharks, whales and their friends THANK YOU! Lots more here!