Throwing Cheese on a Baby's Face ... Why???

This Baby Cheese Challenge is really a Thing!!!???

March 6, 2019

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I'm not a mom, so maybe I'm just not understanding this ... "Baby Cheese Challenge"... 

The little one here seemed to be alright with it. Although there are celebs who aren't okay with it. I get what Chrissy is saying ...

 I've been a babysitter for a few babies / little ones. I learned and remembered how to duck when they would throw the cheese ... macaroni or whatever they had at me ... and laugh.  Think this Baby Cheese Challenge came from retaliation from that? 

Although, throwing  cheese slices at your honey, could be fun. An adult, not little kiddos. This was my 1st thought until I sent honey Ted (HT) this text ... 

So much for the "Take a Photo of A Slice of Cheese On Your Face Challenge" ... Cheese is best eaten! Don't you think?