Reasons Why Chris Hemsworth is Celebrity Crush Worthy


September 20, 2018

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports


honey Ted always teases me when anything Chris Hemsworth comes on TV ... interview.. newest movie ...he always says 'My boyfriend is in that one'. Of course honey Ted is 'My Boyfriend', but Chris is a Celebrity Crush. Chris got me much more interested in Superhero movies as Thor, which is the perfect balance of eye candy and manly strong super powers for many women & men who are #CrushinOnChris. Cue movie trailer w/ shirtless Chris... 

What really sold me w/ Chris as a #CelebrityCrush are social media posts I've seen him in w/ his kiddos and wife Elsa. It's very sexy when a man is In Love & Happy w/ his family!

When Chris Hemsworth was named Sexiest Man Alive 2014, he said his wife thought it was funny ( he did too). There were some who were #CrushinOnChris who thought that was mean, saying they would never laugh at him for that.  I don't belive that one bit. Elsa knows Chris in every way.. being married.. having children together.. being supportive of his work in an industry that can be very judgmental. Through the Good & Bad, and the Happy & Sad Times. This is what makes Chris Hemsworth a great Celebrity Crush. I wish Chris & his family a Happy Life filled with lots of laughter together, with each other and at each other. May there be many Happy Moments they can share together. 

With that being said the #CrushinOnChris side ran into this, and it certainly doesn't cool the Celebrity Chris Crush! Enjoy! 

BTW: I'm been #CrushinOnhoneyTed for the past 26 years & counting (married 17) honey Ted is my Boyfriend, Best Friend, Lover & Family.  A Crush that will never die! I'm Blessed each day we have together. Cherish the Happy Moments Together!  My honey Ted I Love You Just The Way You Are.. Always & Forever!