Chrissy Teigen can ROCK anything even an EEEWWW Game with Jimmy Fallon

Can You Feel It? EEEWWWWW

June 25, 2019

Chrissy Teigen / Photo Credit_ Birdie Thompson_AdMedia


honey Ted & I caught Chrissy Teigen w/ Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show last night.  She played a friendly EEEWWWW game.. Can You Feel It?  There are some pretty BIG EEEWWWSSS  they are touching. Check it out!  The last one really gets to me. EEEWWW!!  

Love Chrissy / John Legend together too. They are so cute together, and w/ their kiddos. Chrissy chatted about her recent negotiations w/ her 3 year- old daughter Luna who is taking after her Mama ...  such a Cutie too ...  more Chrissy & Luna moments here

Chrissy has added to her busy schedule Mama, Cook, co-host Lip Sync Battle, Tweet Guro & lots more .. Chrissy is promoting her newest gig 'Bring The Funny'.  It's a competition comedy show featuring Teigen, Kenan Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy as the judges, and 'Insecurestar' Amanda Seales as the host. 'Bring The Funny', which you know Chrissy will Bring It, kicks off July 9th on NBC!  Get Ready to Get your Laugh On w/ Chrissy!   (Bustle write up)