Answers to Teenagers Climate Change Questions from Around the World

Climate Change Matters to Many!

April 1, 2019

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Happy Earth Month! Happy Earth Day happening on Monday, April 22nd! Now is the perfect time to hit on the big environmental topic … CLIMATE CHANGE! We hear about it a lot, but never really hear answers to questions many of us have. This is the case with many teenagers around the World. Students in 60 countries went on strike on March 15th to show they wanted urgent action from the world's leaders on climate change. The Priestley International Centre for Climate at a previous strike gathered questions, and are having a Climate Scientist answer them. Some of the questions answered range from the topics of the 12 year length of the planet, to policies that can help stop the negative impacts of Climate Change.

One of the most popular questions from teens around the World ... 

Question: "What’s the single best thing I could do in my life to help the climate?" 

Answer: First, find out your environmental footprint. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has  a survey  that will help you & your family reduce your impact. There is also research that has been done finding out the biggest changes a person can make to help the climate. 

Bigger Life Actions:

  • Fly less
  • Old enough to drive? Car-share with family & friends, or try to live without a car.
  • Switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet can reduce your footprint. Although the most important part of a diet to environment is to avoid food waste. Keep that in mind when it comes to what you eat.
  • A controversial answer, but seems to be true in wealthier countries, is having one less child. This can make a huge impact.

Smaller Daily Life Actions: 

  • Turning down the heating or air conditioning at home / only heating or cooling the rooms you’re using.
  • Buy less clothing, plastics & gadgets.
  • Make, borrow, swap, buy second hand or find things for free.
  • Recycle as much as possible, if it can’t be reused.
  • Get Electricity from 100% renewable sources

An individual's actions only goes so far, but continuing to do them can inspire others to do it. The more people's actions help w/ a positive change for our climate, the better our environment will be. Doing 1THING really does Make a Difference! Find out lots more here!