Could there be a Real World GEOSTORM?

#GEOSTORM #HeatherandhoneyTed

February 12, 2018

honey Ted & I watched 'GEOSTORM' starring Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Wu, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris....  Gerard Bulter's character is Jake, a scientist who is the head of a satellite program that helps control  and stop Mama Nature's huge storms and disasters. When you try to control Mother Nature, you know there's going to be trouble. Of course someone will want to use it for bad. I don't remember hearing much about this movie when it came out last October. honey Ted and I were surprised how good it was. It also gets you thinking and talking about the possibilities of this actually happening.  I'd love to say 'No Way', but we all know better than that. When something is working for the good, there's always someone who wants to throw their bad in the mix to F-it all up!  With the way the White House administration and Congress work these days, it makes this thought even SCARIER!

I haven't seen Gerard Butler in a movie for awhile. Kudos to him! This is huge character development movie w/ the biggest character being ...MAMA EARTH! Watch out when you do her wrong! Try doing 1THING each day to avoid any Mama Earth tension. 

I highly suggest watching this movie. It's very much like a scary movie that could have the potential of becoming true. That's Really SCARY!

Do you think a 'GEOSTORM' could happen in during your lifetime?