Coyote Bites in Round Rock! How to 'HAZE'

Here's how to 'HAZE' a coyote ...

January 16, 2020

Lux Blue / Getty Images


There was a guy in the Teravista neighborhood in Round Rock who was bitten by a coyote earlier during the week. Officials ask folks to not approach coyotes for your safety. You're encouraged to 'HAZE' the coyote ... yelling and waving your arms , telling it to go away. 

In SW Austin, there are a couple of packs of coyotes that roam the complex I live in. One pack runs right past my patio at times. Be mindful! Watch your furbabies too. Don't feed them either. I've had neighbors do that, and it's not a good outcome. Here's an example of  how to 'HAZE'. Have you ever tried this?