Cranberry Orange Mini Bundt Muffins Secret Ingredient

Yummy & Easy to make Holiday Treat

December 18, 2018

During this past weekend, I tried out my new mini bundt pan. Thanks to Mom W. for the pan (birthday present 11/25).  First bake w/ the pan was Cranberry Orange Mini Bundt Muffins.  BIG WIN!  Muffins turned out yummy. It's a great holiday treat for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, at parties ... It's a treat that fits in nicely for lots of holiday fun times. I had a few asking about  a recipe. Giving the recipe out will also reveal my 'Secret Ingredient'... here you go! I got it at HEB. I've used this mix as a loaf, which bakes great. It also bakes nicely as mini bundts.  

You could make it like the directions. I use milk & vanilla (replacing water) , egg whites (replacing eggs). and low fat / fat free Greek Yogurt regular/ sometimes flavored (replacing oil) . Greek Yogurt , makes it real moist. I used strawberry flavor which blended real nice. Let cool! Eat or you can add some drizzle topping for a sweeter holiday taste.  
I melted some vanilla chocolate chips w/ vanilla. I melted them in the microwave :30... stir.. if thick, add a touch of water.. heat again :15 - :20 seconds at a time.. and stir. Keep doing this until it's drizzle like. Putting the mini bundt muffins in the frig to cool off helps before drizzling them. Then put them back in the frig for the drizzle to set. They baked up nicely w/ the new pan. Even honey Ted liked them, and he's not much of a Cranberry Orange fan. The White Chocolate combines well w/ the flavors of the mini bundt muffin. If you like it sweeter go for it! It's yummy in different shapes & sizes. Enjoy!  Happy week before Christmas! #HappyHolidays