Craving BC Pie!


March 2, 2017


Update 3/2/17 5:55 pm: Vanessa called the Mix lines and gave a heads up about a delicious Banana Cream Pie they serve up at the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. They have 'Happy Pie Hour' too! Click here. Thanks Vanessa! You Rock! HR 

When I found out it's Banana Cream Pie Day, my mouth started watering. I'm not sure why. I Love Bananas, and eat some just about every morning, but BCPie, I don't normally crave.  But today, I am! So I believe I will have to celebrate all that is Banana  with cream in pie form. If you're with me, then click here for a  few places that could curb the BCPie craving.  I did notice a few places have Banana Cream Pie Shakes, which that could work too.

If you have better suggestions, please bring 'em!  

I ran across What's For Din'? - Courtney Budzyn - Recipe 89 Banana Cream Pie  which looks really yummy and she's too cute... #Yummy!