Cruise Vacay No Nos!


June 12, 2018

It's almost officially Summer.. next Thursday 6/21.  It's been hot enough!  Great way to cool off and enjoy a true vacation is a Cruise.  Of course some have had Great experiences, and some not so Great. But overall, most Cruise Vacays can be the Best Bang for Your Buck! It will help even more when you know some #CruiseNoNos, which I had no clue when honey Ted & I went on our 1st cruise a few years ago on the Disney Magic. We were surprised how much fun it was for all ages. But knowing some No Nos / mistakes ahead of time could be helpful. If you've been on a few cruises you'll have to let me know if these sound right.  Only having 1 cruise experience, doesn't make me an expert at all when it comes to the No Nos...

10 Biggest Mistakes (No Nos) Made on a Cruise Ship 

  1. Don't BOOK Shore Excursions through the Ship - Many times they are also the most marked up and oftentimes leave at times that are, well, earlier than you want to get up on a cruise. 
  2. Don't Drink Like It's an Open Bar - You can charge everything to your room is Great. Charging everthing to your room can be Bad too, if you're not keeping track of them. $7 drinks & more add up at the end of the Cruise Vacay. Ending w/ an extra $1000 on your card because you were in #VacayMode can be painful!
  3. Don't Cram more then 2 People in a Room - You've got all you need when it comes to rooms, but they aren't spacious, especially the bathrooms. more than to people in most cruise rooms will make for a crammed crabby cruise vacay.  
  4. Don't Skip Exploring Port of Calls - If there's time to do more than just dock and shop for souvenirs, it's highly suggested. Do some research before the cruise, and see what you can see. 
  5. Don't Book during the Wrong Times for You -  Depending whether you're single, going on a romantic cruise for 2 or a family cruise, the time you book makes a difference on many cruises w/ others. March is a big singles month, where Christmas / Holiday cruises are big family times! 
  6. Don't Fly in the Same Day Your Ship Leaves - Having a day buffer is always a good rule of thumb. You're allowing for weather that could delay your plane, and it's way less stressful. 
  7. Don't Forget to Turn Off Data Roaming on your Phone - The next bill won't be a pleasant surprise. In fact, turn your phone off. Service isn't the greatest, and it's very slow. It's the best excuse to say you were unavailable. You were #OfftheGrid.. no lie! Enjoy the vacay w/ no worries of phone, emails, text and all those things that stress you out during the day to day grind. It's Cruise Vacay Time!
  8. Don't Count on Wi-Fi - Mentioned briefly w/ the no phone use. If you get WiFi, it's really slow. it will stress you out! Don't think you can depend on it! Stay #OfftheGrid  Enjoy your #CruiseVacay
  9. Don't Bring Booze on Board - Your baggage will be X-rayed, so you can't sneak it. Most cruises make lots of $$$$ on adult beverages!  You may be allowed to bring some wine on board, but the 'corkage fee' is just about the same cost as getting wine on the ship.  Do that instead. Leave your wine at home. You may need it  after traveling back from the #CruiseVacay. 
  10. Don't Forget / Remove the Daily Service Charge - This is the fee tacked on each day  ($15 - $30 per day) for the folks who served you during the entire cruise making sure you had a Happy #CruiseVacay.If something went wrong, please let them know and work that out. But don't forget to pay or just not pay! The folks on our Disney Magic Cruise were amazing. The best service we have had on any vacation we have gone on.  If that's the case for you, leave the fees be. But always good to know about that ahead of time. We set aside $$$ for that too, knowing it in advance!

I asked Mix FB Friends how they would rate a #CruiseVacay. There are a lot of 10s, which is nice to see. Also more great advice for those who want to go on a cruise, but think they can't afford it!  Brynda's advice Rocks!  Check it out, let me know what you thought about these #CruiseNoNos to watch out for.  honey Ted & I are due for another cruise soon. This list certainly put thoughts in my head of what to think about when it comes to the next, hopefully another 10,  Happy Cruise!