Dinner & a Movie Night at Home w/ a Yummy Dessert Finale

#GetYourDessertOn #Yummy

July 9, 2018

Yesterday, I couldn't decide between Chocolate Chip Cookies or Brownies.  So figured I'd combine them.  Yummy  Easy Dessert for #DinnerandaMovieNightatHome w/ honey Ted.  Suburbicon was the Netflix special we watched.  Much better movie than I thought it would be . It's one messed up neighborhood starring Matt Damon, Julianne Moore.. directed by George Clooney.  Here's the Easy Yummy Recipe...

Blondie Chocolate Chunk Cookie Brownies:
- Nestle's Chocolate (chip) Chunk Cookie recipe w/ out nuts / add 2 table spoons of Butter Pecan Coffee Creamer / or Cinnamon Vanilla w/ the Vanilla. Setting eggs out to get room temperature is a bonus if you can swing it. Same for the butter / or use Country Crock Buttery sticks, and no worries about room temperature. 

- Gotham Steel Brownie Pan is Awesome baking these Brownies / Bars up!  Or use 13x9 baking sheet pan.
-Bake  30-35 minutes, until golden brown, and the middle test w/ toothpick / fork comes out clean. 
-Cool completely
- Drizzle melted chocolate chips w/ coffee creamer for the topping.  Melt about 2/3 cup of chocolate chips and 1 TBSP coffee creamer you used in the cookie brownies. Melt in microwave 30-45 seconds. Stir... add a bit of water if to thick. Get it to the thickness you like, and drizzle. Careful not to burn the melted chocolate. Set in refrigerator.  Set out an hour or so before you eat dinner. Adding vanilla ice cream is a bonus.

Dinner was Kraft Mac 'n Cheese  w/ extra cheese and some sausage mixed in it.  Bam! Easy .. 7 year old, and we don't care dinner is ready! :)

The movie is worth a Netflix watch: