Disturbed Date Night w/ a Message


October 18, 2016

Last night's Disturbed Date Night ROCKED at the ACL Live @ the Moody Theater !  Literally I did, my body is feeling it especially my neck from banging my head too much! It's way different going to a Rock show in high school/ college, compared to now.  honey Ted & I wouldn't have pulled out earplugs, we also brought for each other, and didn't know it until we both whipped them out before Disturbed came on. THAT'S 24 YEARS OF LOVE & ROMANCE right there.. LOL! 

The opener was a band out of San Antonio 'Nothing More'. They Rocked too! But the music was so loud, it drowned out the singer's vocals most of the time. Or that was the case where we were standing on the floor. They Rocked the stage show w/ a 3 on bass solo (another 1st for us seeing that). NM's frontman Jonny Hawkins must have the best ab muscles in Rock! AMAZING!... They even look chiseled in the blurry photo. 

I can scratch off my Bucket List .. Rockin' w/ Disturbed (w/ honey Ted was an extra AWESOME bonus). Yes, I got the $35 t-shirt, which is way to much for a shirt, but what it represents more in sentiment is PRICELESS! 

When Disturbed was doing  their encore, frontman David Draiman took a couple moments to express his thoughts on what has been going on w/ the world and people lately. He had a strong message .. which included lots of potty mouth words. BUT the meaning behind the message David was putting out there..UNITY!
*BIG TIME POTTY MOUTH WARNING! If potty mouth words offend you, Don't Watch! I didn't get much of this w/ my phone, so I'm happy I was able to find it thanks to Namkradeht who caught it all at last night's show. Check it out ... 

Disturbed does a cool cover of  'Land of Confusion' (originally Genesis w/ Phil C.). This could be a perfect song to kick off the 3rd & last debate tomorrow night (Wednesday 10/19) in Las Vegas.  Just a thought....  HR

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