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May 16, 2019

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Today is #DoSomethingGoodForYourNeighborDay   It sounds nice, but do you know your neighbors?  honey Ted & I have lived in the same complex for over 12 years. We lived in a two bedroom for about 10 years, before we had to downsize a couple of years ago. We knew our neighbors. honey Ted is really good about trying to meet those living close to us. We looked out for each other. I baked goodies for them. honey Ted would watch their furbabies, and care for them when they were gone / out.  We chatted when we saw them walking  or heading out. 

Now, in the 1 bedroom the past couple of years, I don't know my neighbors as well. honey Ted knows a few of them, but many have moved in and out.  He tries to keep up on that, but not easy.  Many times folks just want to keep to themselves, which is cool. But having that neighborly feeling & vibe isn't there as much as it was just a few years ago.

Have you noticed this in your neighborhood? 

Here's a survey you can check out that might explain some of it. Also things that we could do to be more neighborly. Overall women are more neighborly than men, which I was surprised. Probably because I'm with honey Ted. He 's friendly w/ everyone.  It's one of the many things I Love about him.  Sometimes there are others who don't want to be that friendly, that's when I have to detour him another direction. They just want to go from car to home and back without any interruptions. Nothing wrong w / that, but not someone who wants to know their neighbors.

In the end the survey says:

"Knowing your neighbors doesn't just extend your social circle – it can also have a good effect on your mental and physical health and increase the security of your home. You may even have a friend, partner, confidante, or baby-sitter living next door that you never even knew existed. So whether the locals in your neighborhood become your friends or simply an extra set of eyes to watch your home while you're away, it's always nice to have another familiar face near the place you call home."

Something to think about! Say hey to your neighbors! You'd be surprised what a simple Hello can do. #DoSomethingGoodForYourNeighborDay!

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