Weirdest Things You Can Do in ATX list is out!

What's Weird to some is Cool to many in ATX!

October 9, 2018

Weeping Woman at Pecan Street Festival 2018 taken by Heather R.


With all the visitors we have in ATX with ACL Music Fest happening and weekend 2 kicking off soon. F1 at COTA happening the following weekend.  DO512 released a list that many may think are Weir Thingies to do in ATX, if they don't live here. Many in ATX don't think they are so weird. Does that make us weird?  That's cool! 

If you're visiting ATX, here are some ideas besides the Awesome shows you are enjoying. If you're from the ATX area, maybe pick a few you haven't done, and go for it. See if it's truly Weird by your standard of Weird. I haven't experienced many of these things, and I've lived in ATX over 11 years. honey Ted & I will need to pick a few to do in the near future! See just how Weird they are.. or aren't...

The Weirdest Things You Can Do in Austin:

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