Does your furbaby do THIS when it's BBBRRR Cold?

Rudy does THIS ...

October 25, 2019

Rudy in the BBBRR COLD in SW ATX 10/25/19


The COLD FRONT that  moved in last night in the ATX area w/ high winds, monsoon like rain and dropping the temps by 40 degrees.  My puppy Rudy loved it.  honey Ted & I had a hard time keeping him from the back door to the patio. He wanted to stay out there during the storm. This morning waking up to a windy 40 degrees making it feel more like 35 degrees, Rudy was ready to go outside. Walking out the door he had his head in the wind, and totally enjoying it while I was bundled up.  Rudy enjoys the COLD, but not THIS part of it.  Does our furbaby do THIS????