Does your furbaby have lots of SLMs when you take them out?

Rudy is Super Fan of SLMs!

August 15, 2019

Rudy's looking out for his Squirrel!


Rudy's day starts w/ me taking him out to get his biz done. During the 1st week, I learned I need to plan ahead and have extra time available if Rudy throws in a bunch of Squirrel Like Moments.  His attention goes away from getting his biz done, because he wants to see or do something else. 

Rudy's biggie SLMs is wanting to see other peeps, then their furbabies are a strong runner up. Maybe he wants to try to eat a leaf, or bug. He's trying to put all kinds of stuff in his mouth that I have to get out of his way, or get out of his mouth. Then it's back to looking for peeps.

It's a huge SLM bonus if the peeps tell him how cute he is, he throws out a bigger Happy tail wag. If he doesn't see anyone, then he's not happy, and the Rudy'tude will come out with even more SLMs.There are also times, when the moment is actually a Squirrel/ Rabbit getting his attention, and that's when the #PurePuppyPower kicks in. I can't say Rudy is boring. He can definitely help get in the morning cardio to start the day. 

What does your furbaby do for Squirrel like moments?