Dogs are Changing Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is ALL about the DOGS!

February 14, 2020
Valentines Day Dog

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Many Furbaby Parents are changing they way they will celebrate Valentine's Day when Showing the Love. The Dog - Human bond is precious when it comes to LOVE! You'll run into that Pure Love of pet parents with their furbabies all over the Austin area. broke down The Anatomy of Dog Love and much more that explains it all. Be sure to scroll down to see DO512 's Dog-Friendly Places & Events. Lots of Furbaby Family Fun is out there in the ATX area. 

The Anatomy of Dog Love
A combo of these 5 Thingies:

  • Touch 
  • Gazing
  • Emotional Connection
  • Body Language
  • Facial Expressions

*Dogs are emotionally intelligent communicating w/ their humans.They feel our Love, sense our emotions and take cues from our body language. Gentle touch & eye contact w/ your furbaby is important because it stimulates the hormone oxytocin in dogs & their humans that give you both feelings of relaxation & attachment. 

  • Dogs show humans love with body language, excited greetings, and physical contact. 
  • Humans give back to their dogs with play, special treats, and quality time.

Doggy Love Deepens Relationships w/ your Sweetie

  • 61% of dog peeps believe that being a pet parent impacts the health of their romantic relationship.
  • Half of pet parents in relationships agree that they spend more time as a couple now that they have a dog.
  • 71% of pet parents in relationships say they are more attracted to their partner after seeing how they care for their dog.

Family photo
Rudy, honey Ted & Heather Family Fun Night at Home

Pet Parenting Breakdown 
Does a Dog Make a Family? Majority say YES! 

  • 86% of dog peeps in a relationship agree that having a DOG Makes them  FEEL MORE LIKE A FAMILY
  • 2 in 3 pet parents have more confidence in their parenting skills since having a dog as part of the family. 
  • 67% of pet parents are also more confident in their partner’s parenting skills after having a dog. 

Dating is All about the Dogs

  • Nearly half of all dog peeps agree that they would only be in a relationship with a dog person.
  • 1 in 5 pet parents say they have stayed in a relationship longer because of their partner’s dog.
  • 72% of pet parents are likely to click on someone’s dating profile if there is a dog in the picture.

Dogs are Changing Valentine's Day being included in the Celebration of Love!

  • 95% of pet partners believe their dogs Love them
  • 25% will take their dog on a date on February 14 / Valentine's Day
  • 57% will take their furbaby to the dog park
  • 62% with buy their furbaby a Valentine gift
  • 69% will get their furbaby their favorite snack / treat
  • 1 in 3 pet parents said they would spend the same amount of money on their dog as their partner

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Family Day AHS Puppy Bowl 13
Rudy, honey Ted & Heather Family Date Day @ Austin Humane Society Puppy Bowl 13 Tailgater 2/1/20

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