Don't Blow It Off!


September 13, 2016

Update Tuesday 9/13: This morning,I wrapped up the 'Take Care of Heather Time!' by getting my blood drawn for testing for my Hypothyroid and Cholesterol .. 'Take Care of Heather Time' started yesterday after my show when I went in for my yearly check up. After that, I had a Mammogram. For the 1st time, I did the 3-D Mammogram rather than the 2-D! It's unfortunate that many insurance companies won't pay for the entire 3-D Mammogram. Many cover 100% for one a year, but 2-D. I overheard that Medicare covers the 3-D (1 a year), so many times other insurance copies will follow. I hope so. I paid $100 (extra) for the 3-D. 

Here are some reasons & stats why I decided 3-D over 2-D:
- It's a more accurate way to check your breasts - more likely to get it right the first time for women (& men) with both dense or non-dense breasts! 
- Detects breast cancer 15 months earlier
- 2-5 year survival rate with early diagnosis is almost 100%. 
- Reduces unnecessary callbacks by up to 40%
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I won't tell you it was easier on the breast squeezing than the 2-D. I think it's more intense than the 2-D. Be prepared for that, but don't let that keep you from doing it! If you are due for a Mammogram, please schedule one up and do it! #DontBlowItOff! There is assistance available if needed. 

I also got a cool Breast Self test card that I put next to another important item to always have in the bathroom. It's a place where I'll see it, and not forget! (photo above)  I'll keep you posted on the results. Do this soon.... 'Take Care of You Time'... Ladies & Guys.  Men can also get Breast Cancer. There's only 1 You! Take Care of Yourself! #GoPinkATX   #DontBlowItOff 


Update Monday 9/12: Big day after the show for me today. If you are due, and haven't scheduled up 'Take Care of You Time', DO IT! #YouAreWorthIt 

It will be a busy day for me after the show on Monday (9/12). It's Take Care of Heather Time!  I have my yearly exam w/ Ginger @ Dr Jukes, and my Mammo too. Sorry if you think this is TMI...IT'S NOT! It MUST be talked about, because there are TOO MANY women and men, who don't get the checkups that are needed to take care of their bodies. 

Please take care of yourself! If you are up for an exam and / or Mammo, get it scheduled up! DO IT! I know it's not fun, but catching something early, is way better than later. There's only 1 You! Take Care of yourself!  You can find out a whole lot more here #GoPinkATX

Can't afford the screenings needed to take care of yourself? Here you go...Assistance BCRC