Don't Leave Things in Your Car!

Rash of Car Burglaries in & around ATX!

December 6, 2018

This is such a CRAPPY thing for someone to do EVER.. during the Holidays.. EVEN WORSE. It's wrong that I have to remember to do this, and also remind others too ... DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR RIDE OTHERS MIGHT SEE! Some 'OTHERS' have been deciding they are entitled to those things. There has been a rash of Car Burglaries in  ATX & surrounding areas.  

The photo is one of my neighbor's car that had the window busted to grab their things.  At least 7 cars had their windows broken and things stolen in my area off SW Parkway / SW ATX  early Monday morning .APD Robbery Unit: After 3am, on call detectives are available to assist patrol with cases that come in that require immediate attention. Call the Robery Unit 512-974-5270, or Robbery Tip Line at 512-974-5092.

Besides stealing things, busting car windows SUCKS too! The time you have to take to get it fixed. Plus pay to get it fixed if you have to pay a deductible too. What (potty language censored) BUTTHEADS that do this to others. This morning I ran across this happening in the Round Rock / North of ATX areas. The suspects here went for unlocked cars. I guess that's something a bit better.. BUT STILL BUTTHEADS for taking others stuff. Any tips / videos please call Williamson County Sheriff's Office at 512-943-1313 or Round Rock Police Department at 512-218-5500

Updated 12/6: "Thieves broke into more than 40 cars parked at three apartment complexes -- Belmont Place, Apple Creek, and Red Hills Villas -- off of Gattis School Road in East Round Rock, according to police." 

Let's hope all these thieves are caught. It's CRAPPY UNCOOL STEALING from others. It certainly doesn't make for a Happy Holiday Season. If you see something, please call the police. The tips and more reports taken makes a bigger chance of  the thieves getting CAUGHT!  I like to think Karma will come back at them.