Here's a Sweet ATX Promposal

Did she say YES?

March 13, 2019

It's Promposal time of the year. Making the invite extra special for that high school memory date night. Michelle shared a recent promposal her son did ... SO SWEET.. literally. I'd say yes, how about you? 

Do you have one?  Share it!

I'm Happy that Mix 94.7 has partnered w/ the WriteToMeFoundation again this year for Prom Rack 2019! Saturday, April 6th at the Lanier Early College High School this year. New & gently worn dresses , that are cleaned up just like new by Westbank Dry Cleaning, are given to young ladies who wouldn't be able to go to their Prom without these donations. They get the dress, accessories, shoes ... everything needed for a Happy Prom Night. Thanks to all the community donations. Click here for more!

It's Awesome seeing all the Happy Faces! We need more Happy Faces showing in this world. Help keep the Happy faces happening!