Would You Eat These?

Just in time for Labor Day Weekend!

August 29, 2018

Many in Central Texas aren't a stranger to Dr. Pepper. Since DP was created in the 1880s in Waco, Texas, and  first sold in 1885. There's even a Dr. Pepper Museum which looks like it's open during Labor Day Weekend. There are so many things you can do w/ Dr. Pepper and food. Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce is yummy and makes for a nice flavor on chicken, ribs and more.This Labor Day Weekend the Dr. Pepper Dish of choice could be the #DrPepperBakedBeans with the #Ser!ousBeanCo I did a location search, and they're supposed to be found in many Walmarts in the ATX area. If you go online, you can get an 'In Stock Alert' ($1.48). DPBBs  keep selling out as fast as they are getting them. If you happened to get some, share your  DP Baked Bean Review!  

BTW: There is also such as thing as #DrPepperCottonCandy!  Nice sugar kick for ending of Summer 2018 holiday weekend!