Heather 's Dumbo Date Night w/ honey Ted movie review

Tissue Alert!

March 29, 2019

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honey Ted & I had a Dumbo Movie Date Night at an early screening at Barton Creek Square AMC IMAX. I'm a big fan of Dumbo, the underdog ... or under-elephant in this case. People making fun of Dumbo's Big Ears, that turned into something no one could imagine, but in a Disney movie. This part of the story didn't disappoint. I Loved how they created Dumbo. Heck I had to grab for tissues a few times during the movie both Sad & Happy times. I didn't expect that at all. But for some reason the Dumbo in the movie director Tim Burton created seemed so real in a Disney Fantasy way. 

On that note, honey Ted & I agree. On other points of the movie we don't agree. Danny Devito, Collin Farrell, Nico Parker (Thandie Newton's daughter) , Finley Hobbins, Michael Keeton and Eva Greene play the main characters who have the most connections / interests  in Dumbo. honey Ted thought it was a well made movie, but not a really good movie. I was confused... How can a movie be well made, but not good? He said it had to do w/ the character development. He thought it was lacking throughout the movie. More disconnected then he expected.  Also a bit too long in parts that it didn't need to be. 

Okay, maybe a bit more character development / connection, but it didn't seem like a disconnect to me. Although we both agreed that Tim Burton didn't make it near as dark as we expected, but children 6 and under may be a bit too young for the vibe of the entire movie. It is PG, so parental discretion is advised.

Another part we disagreed was the bubble elephant scene before Dumbo performs in the Big Ring. I enjoyed it! It was a classic Disney move w/ bubbles turning elephant shapes. a representation of the Pink Elephant Parade in the cartoon. honey Ted didn't care for it. He understood why it was in there, but didn't like it. I on the other hand LOVED it! 

Dumbo fans will want to see it! IMAX viewing Rocks (get the reclining chairs theater) ! Don't expect the exact life version of the cartoon. It's different in the vibe of it, and the characters that determine Dumbo's actions & reactions. On the other hand, it is a movie that does Dumbo justice as he works to be w/ his mama. If you tend to get a bit emotional during movies, have the tissues handy. I'm glad I did.

Even though we have different views on Dumbo the movie, it was Awesome watching it w/ my Best Friend honey Ted. After all these years we’ve been together, learning something new about each other after watching Dumbo ... ROCKS!  Great Movie Date Night w/ honey Ted. 

Heather & honey Ted March 2019

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