Early Morning Excitement

We met 'Georgie'!

September 24, 2019

honey Ted capturing Georgie for release


The 2nd day of Fall with another close to 100 degrees day brought some excitement to our early morning thanks to  'Georgie'. I thought if I named it, it would make me feel less FREAKED OUT! It really doesn't, but I'm sticking w/ 'Georgie'.  

Googling ... I believe 'Georgie' is a 'Striped Bark Scorpion', which is the most common type in the Austin area. Not posionous, but the sting would hurt bad. If you're allergic to scorpions bites, it could make you sick or worse. I didn't want to find out if if honey Ted, Rudy or I was allergic to 'Georgie'  I'm thinking he was hanging out on our ceiling this morning because he was trying to stay out of the heat. I can't blame 'Georgie' for that. 

You'll be Happy to know 'Georgie' had a successful capture & release. Thanks to our hero honey Ted who woke up and performed a capture and release in his underwear and a glass measuring pitcher. He went for the glass because scorpions have a hard time climbing on glass, since it's smoother.  Or that's what he had heard, and thank goodness that was the cause this morning. I'm hoping 'Georgie' doesn't have more friends that might want to cool off inside too. 

I have never seen one so close in the 13 years I have lived in Austin. I really don't want to see anymore that close. I'm good thanks! - H