Ways You can Encourage Green Commitment in the Workplace

Eco-friendly Teamwork

August 12, 2019

Gang Zhou / GettyImages


Is your workplace Eco-friendly. If you aren't sure, then probably not. An Eco-conscious business environment needs to begin with everyone at the ground level. Everyone must understand and believe in the vision that is being taken to make things more Eco-friendly.  Here are 5 sustainable initiatives that can help reduce the impact you and your co-workers create working together each day. 

  1. Recycling : It's great to go paperless in as many areas are you can. Print less! Use Less! For those paper moments, setting up a recycling initiative at the workplace is extremely helpful. Have a couple of bins where paper can be tossed. Have a local recycling company do pick ups. Also using recycled paper is a big help. You can use it for packing and other ways too. 
  2. Encourage Green Commuting: Working from home is a big help when it comes to reducing environmental impact. Even doing it part-time helps. But if working from home isn't an option, then try using city transportation or carpooling. Two co-workers carpooling you use half the amount of gas, save money and cuts down the impact of carbon emissions. If 4 co-workers carpool, the savings is 75%!
  3. Renovations towards Sustainability:  If renovations come up, think of ways that would be helpful for your company to continue on the Eco-Friendly route. Having plumbing fixtures that reduce water usage. Having an employee shower encourages them to cycle, walk or jog to work, and leave the car at home. Adding natural elements to the workplace ... living walls that use recycled wood and water features can also help w/ stress. Start an urban garden where food can be grown to eat at work, and take home. Promotes better health too. 
  4. Dispose of E-waste Responsibily: Find out where your local e-waste management depot is, and dispose of them properly. Disassemble  computer components can be reclaimed and other devices or salvaged for valuable metals- all for saving natural resources. Be sure to wipe any remaining data from your devices to make sure sensitive material is protected. 
  5. Employee Incentives: Make the vision of being Eco- friendly / Eco-responsible fun to maintain a Greener workplace environment. Friendly competitions and teamwork challenges that can be rewarded with gift cards or free breakfast or lunch parties. Something the group can enjoy together celebrating their dedication towards an Eco-friendly workplace. Reducing the impact in a much more enjoyable way.