Eco-friendly tips for the Road for ICE Driving

Be Green with Safe Green Driving!

September 3, 2019

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Looking forward to 2020. It could  be the first model year when electric cars are being represented by all major classes and price categories. More drivers have stopped believing all the myths that electric cars have attached to them. This has made the anxiety to go down, with a growing interest in how driving an electric car can help the environment, while getting where you need in style and comfort.

If you’re thinking about going electric when it comes to your ride. You can make planet-friendlier changes with ICE driving. 'ICE' stands for Internal Combustion Engine.  Since it’s still driving, you will still be emitting up to 18 pounds of CO2 for each gallon of gas you burn, but you can get more mileage out of every gallon.

Simple eco-friendly driving and vehicle maintenance tips can be money saving for you on fuel, repairs and replacements, plus a heck of a lot better for our Planet EARTH! 

Ease Up on the Pedal

  • Stop sudden acceleration & heavy braking which reduces fuel efficiency up to 33%.  Drive at a steady pace / speed. Approaching a red light or stop sign ease off the pedal and coast. Cruise Control can be helpful during longer road trips, but can cause poor fuel efficiency for short trips

Consider Your Vehicles Aerodynamics

  • Remove cargo carriers and roof racks when you don’t need them. When you do, maybe moving the cargo box from outside to the back of your ride.

Avoid Idling

  • You waste fuel when your engine is running while in park. If it’s longer than 60 seconds, turn it of.

Pay Attention to your Tires

  • Check your ride’s tire pressure once a month, rather than waiting for the light up on your dashboard.Tire pressure is usually listed on a sticker in the driver’s door frame, and owner’s manual. Properly inflated tires improve the life or your ride, and allows for much longer usage before replacements are needed.

Windows Up or Down?

  • Which uses less gas ... rolled down windows or air conditioning? AC can reduce fuel economy, but it dehumidifies the car’s interior, which can help keep the driver alert and safe. Keeping the windows open doesn’t effect your ride’s aerodynamics, so your fuel economy won’t be reduced. You decide.

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