Ed Sheeran's Party Rule

#EdSheeranRocks #WestoftheFest2012

February 15, 2017

I ran across this photo, when I first met Ed Sheeran when he was starting to make the rounds in the United States. Ed was part of the Mix 94.7 West of the Fest 2012. Shortly after that he blew up, and the rest is Ed history ... I love seeing stories like this about Ed, because it shows he's the same loveable redhead I met close to 5 years ago. He hasn't let fame and fortune go to his head. This story about the #1 party rule when you attend one of his parties. You come alone, meaning.. no big entourage & no body guards. Imagine  Twenty One Pilots playing pool w/ Justin Bieber. This makes people at his parties actually meet and chat with each other rather than hanging out in a corner w/ their entourage. Ed is Brilliant.

The year he took off to write music, and enjoy falling in love w/ his girlfriend Cherry, was lonesome for many w/ no (social) contact with Ed. But.. we can thank his girlfriend Cherry for the new ear candy coming out Friday.. 'How Would You Feel'. It's a bit over 5 minutes long, which is long for a pop song. The word is Ed forgot about writing it, and it's Cherry's favorite song, so it made it on his new album 'Divide' dropping March 3rd! Keep your ears open for it ... TGIF! 

BTW don't think about calling Ed. Did you know he threw his cell phone away? ....