There are 8 Types of Shoppers at the Grocery Store. Which are you?


July 12, 2018

In the spirit of Friday Eve, and getting ready for the weekend. Many of us will end up at the grocery store. I found this humorous... 8 Types of People shopping at a Grocery Store. Something to think about and watch out for this coming weekend! I'm more of an inspector out of these 8, but I'll use a good coupon if I have one, and remember to use it! . How about you? 

Which one are you most like when it comes to grocery shopping?

  1.  No Cart - You can carry it all. No problem.   
  2. The Ghost - You leave your cart anywhere unattended while getting groceries in another aisle.
  3. The Reunion - You run into peeps often you haven't seen in awhile, so you must block the aisle to catch up.
  4. The Snacker - You graze on your groceries while shopping.
  5. The Exchanger - You try to pay w/ exact changes, and / or write a check.
  6. The Couponer - You know how to work a coupon, and sometimes the store owes you money.
  7. The Proxy - You're shopping for someone else, and have several chats w/ them before you leave the store w/ the correct items. 
  8. The Inspector - You check the items out before putting them in the cart. You rarely take the first one showing on a shelf. 

What could be added? 

The Bumper Cart - You ram your cart into other carts, no matter where you are in the aisle. No one should be anywhere near you and your cart. 
The Coupon Forgetter- You had a coupon for a pricier item, but you forgot it, or your honey did, and you keep bringing it up. You could have saved money if you had it!