Who would you camp out to see?

BTS fans are camping out for their SNL Performance

April 12, 2019

BTS Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA


Saturday, April 13 BTS is performing on SNL. Most tickets for 'Satuday Night Live' are reserved months in advance, but the show does have a 'stand by line' that gives some lucky peeps a chance to nab day-of tickets for the show's taping. The past few days the BTS ARMY (FANS) have lined up / camping out down the entire block of 48th Street between 5th & 6th ave. Hoping to get that 'standy by ticket', or even catching a glimpse of BTS!  Some fans have been camping out since Monday morning!  (PIX11) 

You can catch BTS on tv tomorrow night / Saturday (4/13) on NBC. Oh ... and Emma Stone will be hosting ... her 4th time! You Go Girl! 

Who would you 'Wait in Line' / 'Camp Out' to see?  or  Who have you done this for?