From the Eyes of a Child

#Honor911 #UnitedWeStand

September 11, 2017

It was 16 years ago today when our eyes, hearts and minds were open in a terrifying way. We discovered we weren't immune to being attacked on our own soil w / our own planes. Thousands of lives taken and nationwide broken hearts. It was also a time we all came together as a nation to help each other and lift each other up. We would not let the evil that hit us on September 11, 2001 bring us down. #UnitedWeStand 

It was shortly after this happened, Christine Morrison, a 4th grader, wrote a poem describing what she saw. It was sent to President Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush, who wrote Christine a special letter of thanks for sharing it. Dear Abby shared it w/ her readers. It would be considered going viral/trending today.

16 years later, It's still true today as we #Honor911 , remember #UnitedWeStand . Take this message w/ you as a reminder to show Love to each other. Help each other rise above the destruction we may face. #HelpHurricaneHarveySurvivors #HelpHurricaneIrmaSurvivors #UnitedWeStand.

Here are the words written 16  years ago through a child's eyes. honey Ted & I think of this, when we hang our flag in Honor of all lives lost. I share this every year on September 11th because it's a message that should be REMEMBERED  ...