A co-worker does THIS w/ FOOD in the break area all the time! #YUCKY

How would YOU handle this situation?

June 10, 2019

A FB friend of mine put this out there about a co-worker when it comes to food that is out for anyone to enjoy in the break area. But there's a problem w/ how they go about eating and sharing this food.  

Mix FB Friends say: 
Sarah W. "A sign about reminding employees to wash dirty dishes after they have been used? -I'm also concerned about this person eating a spoonful of donut....who eats a donut with a spoon?"

Lisa P.S. "Someone needs to say something to her. It's rude."

Krista A. "Obviously, if you see someone doing something you don't like than you start with politely asking them not to do it. Also remind that person it is a health concern. If they continue bring it up to management."

Samantha OL.  "Unacceptable. I would have said something.  Even public buffets have etiquette rules, there is no way she doesnt know this is unsanitary."

Byron A.  "Let the boss handle it. It’s their job to correct peoples bad habits."

Kym S. R.  "I would place the donut and spoon on her desk."

Mike V. "Someone needs to act like they have a pair and tell here something."

Michelle M. D.  "Hopefully she'll see this post!!"

Mary E. L. "We would have to go outside and talk..."

Denise Rozier I'd call her out and tell her she's not at home"