Finally the Results!

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October 7, 2016

On Wednesday (10/5/16), I got my first MRI after having a 3-D Mammogram (a 1st having a 3D one) in September. My doctor wanted an even better look since my breast tissue is so dense. All explained in 'Waiting in my $400 Socks'. $400 is the amount I owe after insurance coverage and I pay my deductible. Click here  I thought I would get the results yesterday, but I hadn't heard anything. So by noon today, I was really antsy about the results. I'm not big on patience, and it's really hard when it comes to results for tests on your health. My honey Ted checked w/ them and they said they just posted them in their portal.  I checked and this is what I found.. 

If the BI-RADS don't make sense,which they didn't for me at first, this will help...

The BI-RADS assessment categories are:

0- incomplete


2-benign findings

3-probably benign

4-suspicious abnormality

5-highly suspicious of malignancy

6-known biopsy with proven malignancy

I got BI-RADS Category 1.. NEGATIVE! In this case a Positive! PHEW!  Since I do have EXTREME dense breast tissue, I may need a more defined look in the future, but I'm thankful right now there wasn't any abnormalities found. The next step is making sure I keep up on yearly Mammograms, and if something else is needed for a better look, I will do that too. Prevention and early detection is key! Please take care of yourself! Get check ups and if you should get yearly Mammograms, please do it. Check out  There is a lot of information on what to do, assistance and how you can help others who really need it!

I'm thinking a celebration meal is in order. Kerbey Lane Cafes are doing 'Cakes for a Cure' w/ their yummy pancake specials making $$$ for Breast Cancer Research. MMMMM...  Please spread the word. Thank you to those who shared your experience , kind words, support and positive vibes,while honey Ted & I went through this year's Breast Health Checkup. Let's keep the conversation and sharing going about Breast Health, for women and men too.#GoPinkATX

Heather & honey Ted's Breast Health Checkup 2016 Journey

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Alarming Text from honey Ted with Update

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