Find out how many steps to burn off your favorite Chocolate candies

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August 21, 2018

I try to work out each morning for 20-30 minutes in the comforts of my own living room. I'm a big fan of Popsugar workouts on Youtube. They are real workouts even though they have Popsugar in the name.. goes w/ my sweet tooth. This is one of my go to workouts.   When I saw Popular candy in the  title, my sweet tooth had to click it. This is a write up that shows how many steps you should do to burn off calories of your favorite chocolate bars / candies.  I HATE STAIRS!  YES, I'M RARELY ANGRY, BUT STAIRS.. I HATE THEM! I'M NOT MUCH OF A HATER, BUT DOING STAIRS.. I'M A BIG HATER!  When I click to see how many I would need to burn off some of my favs, I got sore and exhausted just thinking about it.  This does mention taking a 15 minute walk before going for a candy snack, could help you curb that craving. Or go for the  walk and eat your favorite candy bar. Throw in a few steps if it seems necessary, because that seems to be the case w/ this list.  Moderation is a good rule of thumb too. Life's too short to not enjoy a bit, even if HATED STEPS should be include...

The word is you take around 7,000 STEPS for 1 candy bar. I sure hope those are full size candy servings / bars.

Here's how many  FRICKIN STEPS I would need to take for 3 of my favs. I see why it said average of 7,000 steps. Of course some of my favs are way over 7,000 steps! Twix is almost 9,000 STEPS! 

  • Reeses Peanut Butter  -  222 calories =  6,938 FRICKIN' STEPS
  • Snickers - 273 calories = 8,531 FRICKIN' STEPS
  • Twix Caramel - 284.5 calories = 8,891 steps

Find out many FRICKIN' STEPS you need to taketo burn off the calories for a chocolate candy yummy break here!  HAPPY FRICKIN' STEPPING!