Find Out Where Austin Lands on the Best Cities for College Grads Right Now

Texas has 3 Cities in the Top 25!

April 23, 2019

SmartAsset released a new list ranking 108 of the largest cities in the United States great for recent college grads in 2019. There were a variety of factors across 10 metrics. They ranged from job availability to affordable fun!  Texas has 3 cities in the top 25, and one making it in the top 5. It wasn't Austin! Check it out!  Any surprises for you? 

Best Cities for College Grads Right Now

25. Kansas City, MO
24. Reno, NV
23. Tucson, AZ
22. Boston, MA
21. San Francisco, CA
20. Cleveland, OH
19. Madison, WI
18. Des Moines, IA
17. Omaha, NE  Where I grew up,
16. Austin, TX
15. Arlington, VA
14. Dallas, TX
13. Lincoln, NE
12. Birmingham, AL
11. Louisville, KY
10. St. Louis, MO
9. New Orleans, LA
8. Indianapolis, IN
7. Lexington, KY
6. Pittsburgh, PA
5. San Antonio, TX  Does this surprise you? 
4. Milwaukee, WI
3. Columbus, OH
2. Nashville, TN
1. Cincinnati, OH