Find out WHY honey Ted Cleans a Toilet on his Birthday

#HeatherandhoneyTed #BirthdayToiletTradition

June 12, 2018

Today, June 12 is one of my favorite days. It's my honey Ted's Birthday / #honeyTEDDAY. I'm blessed to have such a  Kind, Sweet, Supportive, Loving and so much more .. partner in my life. My Best Friend, Lover, Hubby & Family. We;ve been together for 26 years (17 married on 6/30 & dating 9 before). Of course we have times we drive each other nuts, but there's always Love behind it. This may sound silly, but True Love & Genuinely Liking your partner,  makes a huge difference when it comes to Happiness in  both of your lives. It makes for many more Happy Times, rather than the other times. Other times make you appreciate the Happy ones together even more. 

Even having 26 years together, I still learn new Thingies about honey Ted. I recently found out about his #BirthdayToiletTradition. Here's a quick text I sent honey Ted this morning asking him why? His answer....  

honey Ted's #BirthdayToiletTradition could be a good one to take on.  It certainly makes you appreciate the HappierTimes!