How do you Enjoy your Eggs?

Happy National Egg Day!

June 3, 2019

Heather's eggs in her frig 6/3/19


Happy #EggDay!  I'm a fan of Egg Whites, and I eat them several times during a week. honey Ted is the Whole Egg fan. They end up on his Cornbeef & Roastbeef Hash often. Eggs can be a meal, especially in Omlette form. They are a yummy side dish. Summertime brings out the Deviled Eggs.. Egg Salad.. Egg Salad Potato Salad...  Eggs are also great Condiments .. a Fried Egg topping off a burger is a popular one.  

Today's the Battle of the Eggs is on! If you had to pick between two popular ways Eggs are eaten, which one would it be? Click here!  13 Most Common Egg Preparations  Wine & Eggs could Rock too! Food & Wine 35 Egg Recipes

Get ready for more Egg celebration happening later in the year on October 12. #IncredibleEggDay.