Find out how much YOU need to earn to afford 2 Bedroom Housing in each State

TEXAS made the Top 20 with RENTS continuing to RISE!

June 25, 2019

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Update Monday 11:50pm: Mix Facebook Friend Jason brought to my attention that my earlier wording summing it down didn't accurately give the information from the report. I made the corrections below taken directly from the NLIHC interactive map. Thanks again Jason! You Rock!  Heather R. 


honey Ted & I recently got our rent renewal from the complex in  SW ATX we've lived for the past 12 1/2 years. We started w/ a 2 bedroom that was rather affordable, below the 30% of our income. Rent started to rise around 3 years living there. A couple of years ago, rent got so high w/ apts being remodeled, we downsized to a one-bedroom. Home prices have sored, which makes buying  anywhere close to work to hard to afford. Our recent rent renewal reminder has our rent going up more than $50 again. Are you / or do you know someone experiencing the same thing?  

The rule of thumb is spending over 30% of your income on housing, makes you a "housing cost-burdened" renter. Which makes this report released by the National Low Income Housing Coalition alarming, sad, disturbing, scary ...  there is NO single place in America where a person working full-time on a minimum wage income can afford rent for a modest 2-bedroom. It's based on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. 

The most expensive state for renters according to the NLIHC report / interactive map was #1 Hawaii. The least expensive was #51 (NLIHC report #) ArkansasTEXAS made the Top 20!  

Top 20 States that are the most Expensive for Renters 2 Bedroom Housing:
Info below taken directly from the NLIHC report interactive map. Thanks again for the catch Jason! 

  1. Hawaii  $36.82/hr Required to afford a 2 bedroom rental home ... 146/wk Hours of work needed at the minimum wage  (to afford 2 bedroom rental home)
  2. California  $34.69
  3. Massachusetts  $33.81
  4. Massachusetts   $33.81
  5. New York  $30.76
  6. New Jersey   $28.86
  7. Washington  $27.78
  8.  Maryland   $27.52
  9. Connecticut   $25.40
  10. Colorado  $25.33
  11. Alaska  $24.84
  12. New Hampshire  $23.23
  13. Virginia   $23.13
  14. Oregon  $22.97
  15. Florida  $22.86
  16. Vermont  $22.78
  17. Delaware  $21.97
  18. Rhode Island  $20.86
  19. Illinois $20.85
  20. Texas $20.29/hr Required to afford a 2 bedroom rental home  ... 112/wk Hours of work needed at the minimum wage (to afford 2 bedroom rental home)

   51. Arkansas  $14.26/hr Required to afford a 2 bedroom rental home ... 62/wk Hours of work needed at the minimum wage  (to afford 2 bedroom rental home)

Click here for the NLIHC interactive map to catch all states

Where do you stand when it comes to housing? 
We spend more than 30% of our income since the past several years of our rent rising. Even when downsizing to a modest 1 Bedroom.  #HeatherandhoneyTed