Finger Food Covers make Snacking Better. True or False? Look here...

Interesting Thingies Found on Amazon Now!

October 3, 2019

Yoyochow23 Getty Images


If you can't find it, look for it on Amazon. I hear that a lot, and many times it's true. There are also many Interesting Thingies that exist that we didn't know we needed. Kicking off this list is something I never thought about using.  Finger Food Covers make snacking better ... True of False?  Should snack privileges  be taken away from the Finger Food Cover Snack Fan?

Other contenders helping out Snack Time:
Burrito Blanket

Retro Dog Pop Up Toaster

Wine FREEZE Cooling Cup  (Wine's a snack right?)

Master Meatball Making Tool 

Progressive Microwave Smores Maker