5 Thingies $5,000 could Get You instead of Kim's French Fry Purse

#FrenchFryPurse #Blowing5Grand

August 24, 2018

Robert Deutsch - USA TODAY Sports


French Fries are trending Thanks to Kim Kardashian West. Even if you don't Love the Kardashians, you can't say they don't know how to work it.  That's what happened w/ Kim during a recent outing. A photo has been making the social media rounds of her in a Pink skin tight tug dress holding a French Fry Purse. This has caused Big Love for the over $5,000 #FrenchFryPurse. The purse and a case that can go w/ it are both SOLD OUT!  It's cute, but is it $5,000 CUTE? 

Since Kim's French Fry Purse is out, here are 5 THINGIES you could blow $5K instead:

  1. 100 Giant Inflatable Sprinklers

    2. Maybe a night or two in Justin Bieber's new Mansion w/ a horse track


   3. Get Your Fine Dining on in ATX! #DateNight  #FamilyNight  #GirlsNightOut Apps/ Wine/ Entrees/ Dessert- Go for it! ​

  • Eater Austin suggestion: Top Chef winner Kristen Kish opened her very first restaurant in Austin.. ARLO GREY... 

   4. Disney Very Merrytime Cruise - Family Holiday Fun

   5. Pack Up + Go  ...  3 Day weekend / vacation that is totally planned for you! This sounds Fun!