Christmas Tree Hair is Popping Up Everywhere! See it Rockin' here in Central Texas!

Merry Christmas Tree Hair is a Growing Holiday Trend!

December 18, 2019
Christmas Tree Hat

It's back again this year! Forget the Christmas Tree Hat ... make it YOUR HAIR...  CHRISTMAS TREE HAIR.  It's a trend that gained steam in 2016, and each year it's getting Bigger & Bigger ... looks like literally. Can you see yourself sporting one of these beauties on top of your head for Christmas?  8 days and counting until Christmas! HO! HO! HO!


Perfect Rockin' examples right here in Central Texas!!!

Bow /  Rockin'  the ATX Holiday season w/  her Fabulous #ChristmasTreeHair #YouGoGirl 

Rockin' Fabulously Festive #ChristmasTreeHair in Killeen! #YouGoGirl Thanks for the share Christine! You & your Baby Girl Rock! 

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Christmas Bonus Eyebrows too!  

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I haven’t posted any hair stuff on this Instagram in so long so why not post this fabulous Christmas Tree Hairstyle ?! -- I did it in a rush, about 20 minutes, using a hair donut and a paper towel roll. I pulled all my hair on top of my head (around the hair donut/paper towel roll) and tied it, then I had to Bobby pinned the extra hair length. Next, lots of hairspray, first regular strong hold hairspray and then the green (and gold glitter for extra fabulousness)✨ And then accessories! The red and green tinsel was held on by a Bobby pin, as well as the gold present bow. Super fun silly hair, I managed to keep it up for 12 hours! And of course, don’t forget to make your eyebrows a little Christmas tree too!!!! . . . { #hair #hairstyle #christmas #christmastree #christmashair #greenhair #christmastreehair #funhair #sillyhair #holidayhair #holidayhairstyle #crazyhair #crazyhairday #funhairstyles #christmashairstyle }

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